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The City of Nador

Location, demographics and climate. The city of Nador is a small Mediterranean port on the lagoon of Nador or Sebkha Bou Areg ( The city is located in the northeast of the Kingdom of Morocco in the Eastern Rif region. It is 15 km south of the Spanish enclave of Melilla, 80 km west of Berkane and 100 km south of Taourirt.

The city of Nador has 161,726 inhabitants.

The climate of Nador is of steppic type. The average annual temperature is 18.7 °C. January is the coldest month in the city of Nador. January has an average temperature of 12.5 °C, while August, the hottest month, has an average temperature of 25.9 °C. The average annual rainfall is 313 mm.

History. The city of Nador is said to have been founded by the Berbers. It has known the passage and presence of other civilizations such as the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and finally the Arabs.

The origin of the name Nador seems to derive from the Arabic word nadar which means ‘sight’. This origin seems plausible because the city of Nador is a city that is an essential and strategic observation point of Spain.

The city of Nador was quite popular with most Moroccan Kings, especially King Omar Ibn Idriss and the King of the Almoravid dynasty, Youssef Ibn Tachfin.

Nowadays, the city of Nador is an important economic centre based on industry (textile, chemical and metallurgical), fishing, agriculture and tourism.

Tourist places. In addition to its magnificent beaches, including that of Ras El Ma, the city of Nador has some magnificent places to visit, the main ones being: the Nador lagoon (Sebkha Bou Areg), the Kasbah of Selouane, the Cape of the Three Forks, the Church of Santiago el Mayor, the souks of the city, the cornice, the cave of Ifri N’Ammar and the Jebel Ouichane.